April 25, 2020
24 hours ago
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A New Way To Be Human - The Sermon on the Mount

– “Poor in spirit” (v. 3): This is our attitude toward ourselves, in which we feel our need and admit it.
– “Mourn” (v. 4): This is our attitude toward sin, a true sorrow for sin.
– “Meek” (v. 5): This is our attitude toward others; we are teachable; we do not defend ourselves when we are wrong.
– “Hunger and thirst” (v. 6): Here, our attitude toward God is expressed; we receive His righteousness by faith because we ask for it.
– “Merciful” (v. 7): We have a forgiving spirit and love others.
– “Pure in heart” (v. 8): We keep our lives and motives clean. Holiness is happiness to us – there are no substitutes.
– “Peacemakers” (v. 9): We should bring peace, between people and God, and between those who are at odds with each other.
– “Persecuted” (v. 10): All who live godly lives will suffer persecution.

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